AKA is a Stockholm based creative studio combining the skills of architect Klara & landscape architect Andrew.

We work on a wide range of architectural projects with particular focus on the connection between interior & exterior.

We offer a variety of design services to help you achieve your vision while adapting to the challenge, site & criteria.

We specialise in 3D visualisation and fully navigable virtual reality experiences, approaching our projects in 3D from the very beginning.

With interactive virtual reality we are able to provide a fully immersive experience of a design before it is even built. Our clients are able to freely walk around & interact with their project in 3D, on screen or while wearing VR glasses.

We work internationally and have undertaken projects in Sweden, Iceland & the United Kingdom. We often collaborate with or consult for other Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers and others within the design profession.

AKA Studio is part of R17, an experienced group of Architects who work together on various design projects.

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